Window Blind Repair Success at Garver USA, Moore, OK 73160

Case Study: Window Blind Repair Success at Garver USA, Moore, OK 73160

Project Overview

Client: Garver USA
Location: 750 Southwest 24th Street #Suite 200, Moore, OK 73160
Challenge: Reattachment of Large Window Blinds
Budget: $315


Garver USA, located in Moore, OK, faced a significant challenge in their office space due to malfunctioning window blinds. The large blinds, measuring 8 feet in length and situated 10 feet above the ground, had fallen, causing discomfort in the workspace. The issue was particularly pressing as the west sun, glaring through the unshielded window, made it increasingly difficult for employees to view their computer screens during certain times of the day.


Our primary goal was to swiftly and efficiently reattach the large window blinds, ensuring minimal disruption to Garver USA’s daily operations. Keeping the project within the modest budget of $315 was also crucial.


Our team conducted a thorough assessment of the situation upon arrival. We identified the need for specialized equipment to safely reach and repair the blinds at their considerable height. Utilizing our expertise and precision, we successfully reattached the blinds, restoring their full functionality.


  • Timely Response: Our team arrived promptly as scheduled, understanding the urgency of the situation.
  • Budget Efficiency: The entire project was completed within the allocated budget of $315, demonstrating our commitment to providing cost-effective solutions.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The client expressed significant satisfaction with the outcome. The repaired blinds effectively mitigated the issue of the west sun, thereby enhancing the comfort and productivity within the office space.
  • Enhanced Work Environment: Post-repair, employees reported a notable improvement in their work environment, especially in terms of reduced glare on their computer screens.


This project at Garver USA serves as a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality, timely, and budget-friendly window blind repair services. We pride ourselves on our ability to address and resolve our clients’ specific needs, thereby enhancing their workplace environments. The positive feedback from Garver USA underscores the impact of our work and motivates us to maintain our high standards in future projects.

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