Vinyl Flooring Installation Case Study: Transforming Cheryl H Home in Moore, Oklahoma

Witness the remarkable transformation of Cheryl Hawkins’ residential space in Moore, Oklahoma, located near The Dog Detail Shop and Moore Music Studios. Our expert team at Mr. Handyman embarked on the challenging task of installing vinyl plank flooring, turning Cheryl’s vision into a stunning reality.

Client Overview

Meet Cheryl H, a homeowner with a discerning taste for aesthetics and a strong desire to enhance her living space in Moore, Oklahoma. Cheryl’s home, situated on North Lincoln Avenue, provided the perfect canvas for a transformative project.

The Challenge

Cheryl approached us with a unique request – to install vinyl plank flooring that she had already purchased. However, she was uncertain whether additional materials, such as padding, were necessary. Our team faced an intriguing challenge, estimating an 8-hour project to bring her vision to life.

The Solution

Our highly skilled team of handymen eagerly embraced the challenge and sprang into action. Here’s how we turned Cheryl’s vision into an impressive reality:

Assessment & Planning

Before commencing the installation, we conducted a meticulous examination of Cheryl’s existing vinyl plank flooring. Our aim was to assess whether additional materials were required. After careful consideration, we determined that the flooring was in excellent condition, eliminating the need for extra padding.

Professional Installation

With Cheryl’s vinyl plank flooring ready to go, our experts began the installation process. Thanks to the top-quality materials Cheryl had chosen, the installation proceeded smoothly. The result? A stunning vinyl plank floor that radiated charm and sophistication.

Finishing Touches

No project is truly complete without those final, exquisite touches. Our team painstakingly ensured that every plank was flawlessly aligned and securely fastened, leaving Cheryl’s home with an immaculate, show-stopping floor.

The Outcome

Cheryl’s residential space underwent a remarkable transformation, beautifully showcasing the timeless beauty and durability of vinyl plank flooring. Our team’s dedication and expertise turned an 8-hour project into a true work of art.


Cheryl H. made a wise investment of $1395 in this flooring project, a testament to the incredible value it added to her home. She can now enjoy a stunning floor that will stand the test of time, offering both elegance and durability.

Get Floored with Us!

Feeling inspired by Cheryl’s story? If you’re contemplating a vinyl flooring installation in Moore, Oklahoma, or the surrounding areas, Mr. Handyman is your trusted partner to bring your vision to life. Our skilled handymen are just a call away, ready to transform your space with top-quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship.

Contact Details

  • Cheryl Hawkins
  • Address: North Lincoln Avenue, Moore, OK 73160, USA

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