Shower Chair Installation in Moore, Oklahoma by MrHandyman

In a serene neighborhood of Moore, adjacent to the well-known Center For Technology Schools, we encountered a typical yet often overlooked challenge: enhancing the showering experience while maintaining safety.

Understanding the Challenge: The Need for Safety & Comfort

Danna Craig, a Moore resident, wanted more than just a regular shower. Like many homeowners, she recognized the potential hazards of a wet, slippery shower floor. Beyond the risk of falls, she wanted to add a touch of luxury to her daily routine. Sitting down, preventing slips, and receiving assistance in standing were all features on her wishlist for her bathroom.

The MrHandyman Solution: Beyond Just Installation

Our seasoned team at MrHandyman not only understands installation but also the art of optimizing bathroom spaces. Recommending a mounted shower chair was not just about adding a fixture; it was about enhancing Danna’s overall shower experience. By ensuring the chair was positioned optimally and securely, the bathroom was transformed into a safer and more luxurious space.

Quick Glance at Project Specifications

  • Location: 628 Whispering Oaks Boulevard Moore, OK 73160 USA
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Investment: $435
  • Client: Danna Craig

Detailed Overview of Project Execution

  • Location Insight: Nestled in Whispering Oaks Boulevard, Danna’s home captures the essence of Moore’s residential charm.
  • Timeline: Our commitment to efficiency was evident with the project completion in just 1.5 hours.
  • Cost Effectiveness: With an investment of $435, the project epitomized value for money, combining both safety and elegance.

Success Stories & Customer Satisfaction

Our endeavor always culminates in customer satisfaction. Danna’s newfound confidence in her shower space speaks volumes about our work. She’s not alone. Dive into our Facebook and Instagram pages to discover more success stories from satisfied homeowners.

From Danna’s Perspective

“Engaging with MrHandyman was one of my best home improvement decisions. Their approach goes beyond mere installation. They transform spaces. Their past projects on YouTube convinced me to choose them, and I haven’t looked back since.” – Danna Craig

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